Spatial Playback Patches


These Max MSP patches can be used to quickly playback quad, 5.1 and octophonic files in a variety of formats and channel orders.

There are separate patches for playback over stereo, quad, 5.1, octophonic with a centre-front, and octophonic without a centre-front arrays respectively. Channels are diffused to the available array using either the nearest available loudspeaker (if its angle is reasonably close), or are simply panned to the "correct" angle using Ville Pullki's Vector Base Amplitude Panning (VBAP) algorithm.

Both clockwise from front-left, and pairs channel orders of interleaved files are supported, as well as multiple monophonic files.

Optional Bass Management can also be used to generate a sub-woofer feed and the patches also include a binaural mode based around the multiconvolve~ object from the HISSTools Impulse Response Toolbox v1.1 by Alex Harker and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay.


Spatial Playback Patches for Max MSP - OSX/Windows, Max 6 & 7.

Download Link:

Notes: SpatialPlayback-ReadMe.pdf

The patches work fine with the Runtime version of Max MSP once you place the externals (vbap.mxe, define_loudspeakers.mxe & multiconvolve~) in the same folder as the patch.