Photograph by Tom Soldan



From Without, From Within - Pedro Lopez Lopez / Trinity Orchestra, Cue Saxophone Quartet



Duo & Tape - performed by the Crash Ensemble


Harmonic Shake - for augmented electric guitar and live electronics, live at New Music Dublin 2013.



Guitar Map Dowser - for table top guitar and live electronics

Invasive Sounds - Ensemble Mise-en (Vasko Dukovski)


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Upcoming Performances

2020 ZêzereArts Festival Sea Swell Convento de Cristo, Tomar, Portugal. July 19th, 2019
2020 ZêzereArts Festival Sea Swell Mosteiro da Batalha, Batalha, Portugal. July 20th, 2019

for past performances, click here.

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Lockout - The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock

The Bullet in the Brick - The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock
The Brutal Here & Now - The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock - The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock
Fairlights - Quarterworks      





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Electroacoustic Works    
Invasive Sounds 9'20 bass clarinet, tape, and live electronics
The Silent Sister 6'05 voice and multi-channel tape
guitar map dowser
tabletop guitar and live electronics
cello and tape
The Dance of your Breath
flute, bass clarinet and live electronics
Harmonic Shake
hexaphonic guitar and live electronics
hexaphonic guitar and live electronics
An Overture, an Elegy: for G. F. Handel
harp and live electroncs
Fly by Wires
hexaphonic guitar and live electronics
Searching for Home
violin and live electronics
Left, Right, Left, Right
hexaphonic guitar and double percussion
Duo & Tape
violin, cello and live electronics
Calls from the Fog
flute and live electronics
mezzo-soprano and tape
Trio & Tape
viola, cello, double bass and live electronics
String Quartet No. I
string quartet and live electronics
Etudes 1-4 for hexaphonic guitar
hexaphonic guitar and live electronics
A Lonely Place
voice and live electronics
electric guitar and multichannel tape
Acoustic Works    
Broken, Unbroken 8'09 saxophone quintet
A 7'45 sextet (fl, bcl, p, b,vln,tb)
A Round, Around 3'25 quartet (guitar, cello, flute & saxophone)
From Within, From Without 9'22 orchestra
The Echo Game
open form
mixed quintet (variable, e.g. vln, db, tr, fl & cl)
SATB choir
The Bucks (Beijing Variations)
Pipa, erhu and guzheng
from the cusp of sleep
string quintet (vln, vln, vla, cl, db)
Pauper's Lament / A Stealing Sadness
divisi choir (SATB x 2)
Miniature for Harpsichord and Double Bass
Harpsichord and Double Bass
Sea Swell
divisi choir (SATBx4)
Electronic Works
Whomp Whomp Whomp 8'00 multi-channel tape
Pond Studio 6'18 multi-channel tape
Of Town and Gown 15'25 multichannel tape
multichannel tape
multichannel tape
Mood Spiral
multichannel tape
Auto Harp
multichannel tape
multichannel tape
multichannel tape
multichannel tape
Point to Point
multichannel tape
multichannel tape
Haw haw
multichannel tape
Slow Miles
multichannel tape
Theatre & Multimedia
String Pull  

String Pull is an interactive installation/instrument based around the GameTrak tether controller, and SpaceMap display and mapping. The installation was part of the Sound Check exhibition which ran in Dublin Science Gallery from June to September, 2017.

For more details and videos of the piece in action, have a look at the Space Maps page on this website, here.

Sound Swarm

Sound Swarm is an interactive spatial music installation which was commissioned byt the Contemporary Music Centre for Culture Night 2010. The installation is a type of spatial music game in which the user directs the movement of the sound swarm in 3D space using a Nintendo Wii controller. The movement of individual particles in the swarm is modelled using the Boids flocking algorithm while gestures made with the Wii controller are used to control the position of an attract point which the entire swarm follows. The goal of the game is to direct this target point to the centre of the array by listening to the position of the sound swarm in auditory space. For more details, click here.

Remote Ears - Spatial Hearing

Our two ears enable us to detect the direction of sound, helping create spatial awareness in the world around us. In this installation, a binaural microphone is positioned in the centre of the gallery and routed to multiple sets of headphones suspended over cafe seating area, allowing particapents to experience remote hearing. This work was part of the Biorhythm exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland and more information can be found here and here.

Infrastructure / Flow
infrastructure/flow was commissioned by Michelle Browne as part of Promenade , a series of performances along the seafront in Dublin, Ireland in November 2008. The piece was a response to a specific venue, the pump house at Clontarf, which was designed by Tom de Paor. The interior of this award winning structure houses machinery which pumps waste water from the surrounding area to a treatment plant further up the coast. It is usually inaccessible to the public. More>
composer: Denis McNulty - live diffusion: Enda Bates - turntables: George Brennan
if() then() else() is a multimedia performance that combines traditional disciplines such as music, film and theatre, with technologies such as real-time video processing and multi-channel sound distribution. This performance is an adaptation of the video piece, if () then () else (), by Mike Liffey. More>

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Lockout - The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock (Transduction Records) - March 2018.

Park Sounds - October 2016 - Enda Bates / Ensemble Mise-en

The Bullet in the Brick - The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock (Transduction Records) - April 2016.

The Front EP - Conor Walsh - October 2015 - mix engineer, producer

Jump - Kate Ellis - August 2014 - Apophany - Enda Bates

On the Nature of Electricty & Acoustics (Heresy Records) - April 2013 - Liminality - Enda Bates

Dictionary Crimes - Mumbling Deaf Ro (Popical Island)- September 2012 - mix engineer, producer

Strings, Tension & Flight - Enda Bates - April 2012 - Duo & Tape (with Cliodhna Ryan & Kate Ellis), Flock.

Tronix One - Various (Diatribe Records) - April 2012 - Pulse (Legion of One Remix)

The Brutal Here & Now - The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock (Transduction Records) - April 2012

- bass guitar, vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, accordian, electronics, co-producer.

Pulse - Enda Bates (Diatribe Records) - February 2011 - Pulse for hexaphonic guitar and live electronics

Dubh - Trio Scodatura (Ergodos) - August 2010 - Invocation - Enda Bates

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock - The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock (Transduction Records) - April 08

- bass guitar, vocals, sound design, recording and mix engineer.

Trampolonica - Miriam Ingram (Go Away Recordings) - December 07 - It's Time to be Still Again (Fairlights Remix).

Of Pattern and Purpose - Somadrone (Trust Me I'm a Thief) - May 07 - additional recording.

Quarterworks - Fairlights (Alphabet Set) - March 07 - composer, recording and mix engineer.

Scraps - Fairlights (Alphabet Set) - August 05 - composer, recording and mix engineer.

Wooden Educational - The Alphabet Set - June 04 - Fail - Fairlights.

Fuzzing Away to a Whisper - Somadrone (Trust Me I'm a Thief) - April 04 - additional recording.

The Deadweight E.P. - Fairlights (Independent) - September 03 - composer, recording and mix engineer.


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"From start to finish, a remarkable piece of work." More>>
Irish Times (Lauren Murphy) - 16/03/18
"History Rarely Repeats, But Often Rhymes
Dublin folk-rockers The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock retell the story of the 1913 Strike and Lockout with an eighteen-piece guitar orchestra". More>>
Village Magazine (Mike McGrath-Bryan) - 22/2/18
"In their transformation into this hydra of guitars, what The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock have done with ‘Lockout’ is create a sonically literate, textured and diverse ensemble piece that moves deftly through genres and time signatures, enriching its characters and enlivening an era." More>>
Golden Plec (Justin McDaid) - 7/2/18
"Where the serenity of traditional folk music meets the electrifying energy of rock, the venturous experimentation of kraut and the sentimentality of post rock, The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock have developed their own style, in a manner that is as inventive as it is artistic and enticing. This is a stand-out band that has devoted their art not only to their rich Irish heritage. Judging from at least their latest couple of endeavors The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock have also their minds set towards musical innovation and forward-thinking." More>>
DestroyerResist - 28/11/2016
"highlights include ‘The Batons’, where the ferocity and savagery of a baton charge led by the Dublin Metropolitan Police against a union rally is musically recreated; and ‘A Storm Driven Wave’, which climaxes with Larkin’s immortal call to arms: “The great appear great because we are on our knees: Let us rise”. It is simply breathtaking and hair-raising as the intensity of the oration is matched by the white hot fury of the orchestra’s sustained crescendo." More>>
State Magazine (Philip Dunne) - 25/11/2015
"If Niall Vallely’s lilting and lively Sondas is a bewitching pas de deux between baritonal cello harmonies and a piquant electronic pointillism, Enda Bates’ Antiphony reveals it in palpitating agitation, an excoriating eight-minute descent into distortion that marries the concrete-hard directness of industrial music pioneers Throbbing Gristle with the chamber-like introspection of The Sinking of the Titanic-era Gavin Bryars." More>>
The Journal of Music (Michael Quinn) - 30/03/2015
"The result is a glowing arc of mellifluously shifting harmonies, spiritual mood music expanding soothingly into the warm St Thomas’s acoustic. The piece highlights the choir’s superbly well balanced and integrated tutti singing, and the ripe, rounded quality of tone it possesses – as pure vocalism, it’s a beautiful sound to listen to." More>>
Culture Northern Ireland-Classical Review (Terry Blaine) - 13/05/2013
"Two solo works — duets, if you count electronics — stood out: Marcin Stanczyk’s “Mosaique,” from 2012, in its American premiere, and Mr. Bates’s “Calls From the Fog.” “Calls From the Fog” was more austere, starting with a plangent voice from the flutist Roy Amotz that was answered by an echoing electronic drone."
New York Times (Zachary Woolfe) - 19/04/2013
“The most inventive, audacious and barnstorming Irish album of 2012…brazen, blazing and brilliant” – More here>> and here>>
Irish Times (Jim Carroll) - 11/04/2012
"There was a delightful directness in the programmatic fidelity of Enda Bates’s From the Cusp of Sleep for string quintet – quartet plus double bass." More>>
Irish Times - Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 2011
"Around the Room: Enda Bates' music for hexaphonic guitar brings together his formal training and rock influences." More>>
Journal of Music - Monday, May 30th, 2011
"....Finally, a piece that sounded like taped electronics but was actually created live on electric guitar. In his Etude No 2 , Enda Bates submitted each string to independent electronic processing in an impressive one-man display." More >>
Irish Times - Thursday, August 09,, 2010
"Enda Bates’s Miniature , for harpsichord and bass, ran like a piece of moto perpetuo writing with some wrinkles in the surface." More >>
Irish Times - Thursday, August 27, 2009
"Bates’ was possibly the most crafted work of the evening, concise and efficient in its exploration of blocks of glissandi that climbed endlessly like the staircases in a M.C. Escher engraving." More >>
Journal of Music - September 2008
"The approaching, electronically enhanced high-point of climbing glissandi in Enda Bates's String Quartet No. I grows from nothing and takes you by surprise as it intensifies, like the realisation that the crash-landing airplane is heading straight for you." More >>
Irish Times - Sat 6th June, 2008
"Built around the ambitious musical vision of Allen Blighe and Enda Bates, The Spook manage to take their collective creative cool into new realms, along the way generating often exhilarating, often thrilling and near-orchestral compositions."
Rock n'Reel Magazine - June, 2008
“Heart-pounding Pogues-esque moments, My Bloody Valentine’s fuzzy logic, indie guitar crescendos and Nick Cave’s solitary confinement rock…wonderful work”
State Magazine, July, 2008.
“One of the best pieces of contemporary Irish rock music we’ve heard in an age.” More>>
Irish Times - Saturday 14th June, 2008

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Lockout - The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock

A Storm Driven Wave- The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock



Apophany - performed by Kate Ellis/Crash Ensemble

Pulse - for hexaphonic guitar (Diatribe Records, 2011)


An Overture, an Elegy: for G. F. Handel - performed by Cliona Doris